1984's Augmented Reality Work

AR Music Visualization

CyberWave uses the new LiDAR sensor to visualize your music in augmented reality. Play your music to change your surroundings in real-time.

CyberWave uses:

  • ARKit 3.5
  • LiDAR for ARMeshAnchors
  • Auto-Renewable Subscriptions for In-App Purchases
  • Person Segmentation with Depth
  • GLSL Shaders

Project Type: 1984 product

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AR Interior Design

Primer helps you visualize your home with new wallpaper, tiling, and paint. Primer utilizes Core Animation to display intuitive, animated, augmented reality tooltips to visually onboard users.

Primer uses:

  • ARKit 3
  • Core Animation
  • Person Segmentation with Depth

Project Type: Client work for Primer

WebXR Viewer
First WebXR Browser for iOS

WebXR Viewer is an open-source, augmented reality, WebXR browser for iOS. WebXR Viewer has a fine-grained AR permissioning system that puts privacy & ethical design first and is built on Metal to render WebXR websites at 60 fps.

WebXR Viewer uses:

  • ARKit 2
  • WebXR
  • Metal
  • SceneKit

Project Type: Client work for Mozilla

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Persistent World, Collaborative, Multiuser AR Landscaping Design Tool

1984 developed innovative AR interactions and controls for iScape's collaborative landscaping app. iScape utilizes shared world maps, persistent worlds, 3D models, and the novel ability to create custom geometry for visualizing AR textures in the user's world.
Our work on iScape was featured by HBO, Axios, and Apple at both WWDC 2019 & in the App Store.

iScape uses:

  • ARKit 2
  • SceneKit
  • AR World Maps
  • Collaborative, Multi-User Sessions

Project Type: Client work for iScape

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AR Basketball Minigame
Multiplayer Real-Time Physics Basketball

NudgeTV released an AR basketball minigame to accompany their machine vision technology. The basketball game uses Multipeer Connectivity and Collaborative Sessions to seamlessly connect up to 4 players. SceneKit's real-time physics are employed to create realistic, yet otherwise-impossible, gameplay.

NudgeTV's basketball minigame uses:

  • ARKit 3
  • Collaborative Sessions
  • Multipeer Connectivity
  • Person Segmentation with Depth

Project Type: Client work for NudgeTV

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AR Guitar: Open-Source Body Tracking Demo
ARKit 3 Body Tracking to Play an Invisible Guitar

AR Guitar is an open-source, augmented reality exploration of ARKit 3's body tracking functionality. AR Guitar watches for hand placement and movement in relation to hips. The left hand controls which sound is selected and the right hand controls when sounds are played.

AR Guitar uses:

  • ARKit 3
  • RealityKit
  • Body Tracking
  • Reality Composer

Project Type: Open-source

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Realtime AR Reference Image Creation & Manipulation Using Computer Vision

Janksy utilizes the iOS Vision APIs to detect rectangles in real-time. After a user taps a rectangle found by the computer vision algorithms, an ARKit reference image is created on the fly and animated via SceneKit to receive the Banksy treatment.

Janksy uses:

  • ARKit 2
  • SceneKit
  • Vision
  • AR Image Anchors

Project Type: 1984 product

Real World Ad Blocker
Replacing Real World Billboards With User Content

Real World Ad Blocker uses tracked AR Image Anchors to replace irrelevant billboards with user-selected video content. Real World Ad Blocker demonstrates augmented reality's ability to fundamentally change the world around us.

Real World Ad Blocker uses:

  • ARKit 2
  • SceneKit
  • AR Image Anchors

Project Type: Proof-of-concept internal research

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Creativity App for Remixing User Content in AR

Float addresses a crucial hurdle for any AR experience: Users don't have access to custom 3D models. Instead, Float taps into content everyone has: Photos and videos. Float enables remixing media in AR and augmented reality captioning of the real world.

Float uses:

  • ARKit
  • SceneKit
  • ReplayKit

Project Type: 1984 product

Open-Source Image Tracking
Project & Code for Jump-Starting ARKit Development

This GitHub repo serves as a starting point for people interested in image tracking ARKit development. The simple code and examples demonstrate how easy it is to use ARKit to create Harry-Potter-style moving pictures, living movie posters, video postcards, paper-thin displays, and lots more augmented reality fun.

Image Tracking Demo uses:

  • ARKit 2
  • SceneKit
  • GitHub

Project Type: Open-source

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