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See Through Walls Using Augmented Reality

Minimap is an ongoing internal research project exploring spatial mapping of a location. This initial demo understands the structure of a room using RoomPlan and paints object textures using ARKit & RealityKit.

Minimap uses:

  • RoomPlan
  • Metal Shaders
  • RealityKit
  • ARKit
  • SwiftUI

Project Type: 1984 internal research

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Reality Synthesizer
Visualize MIDI Notes in Augmented Reality

Reality Synthesizer is an open-source, augmented reality app that visualizes MIDI notes played on a paired synthesizer. The MIDI notes are interpreted by Metal shaders to product augmented reality visualizations. Reality Synthesizer utilizes LiDAR capabilities introduced in iOS 15.4.

Reality Synthesizer uses:

  • LiDAR
  • Metal Shaders
  • AVFoundation
  • AudioKit
  • Linnstrument Helper

Project Type: Open-source

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Rock Paper Checkmate
Play AR Chess By Playing Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Checkmate is an augmented reality auto-chess game played against a computer by playing Rock Paper Scissors. Rock Paper Checkmate includes people occlusion with depth, a custom machine learning model, and recognizes hand gestures shown to the camera so anyone can play augmented reality auto-chess.

Rock Paper Checkmate uses:

  • ARKit 5
  • RealityKit 2 and Reality Composer
  • Create ML for Hand Pose Classification
  • SwiftUI
  • Vision Framework for Human Hand Pose Estimations

Project Type: 1984 product

AR Interior Design

Primer helps you visualize your home with new wallpaper, tiling, and paint. Primer utilizes Core Animation to display intuitive, animated, augmented reality tooltips to visually onboard users.

Primer uses:

  • ARKit 3
  • Core Animation
  • Person Segmentation with Depth

Project Type: Client work for Primer

Acquired by Shopify
WebXR Viewer
First WebXR Browser for iOS

WebXR Viewer is an open-source, augmented reality, WebXR browser for iOS. WebXR Viewer has a fine-grained AR permissioning system that puts privacy & ethical design first and is built on Metal to render WebXR websites at 60 fps.

WebXR Viewer uses:

  • ARKit 2
  • WebXR
  • Metal
  • SceneKit

Project Type: Open-source client work for Mozilla

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Persistent World, Collaborative, Multiuser AR Landscaping Design Tool

1984 developed innovative AR interactions and controls for iScape's collaborative landscaping app. iScape utilizes shared world maps, persistent worlds, 3D models, and the novel ability to create custom geometry for visualizing AR textures in the user's world.
My work on iScape was featured by HBO, Axios, and Apple at both WWDC 2019 & in the App Store.

iScape uses:

  • ARKit 2
  • SceneKit
  • AR World Maps
  • Collaborative, Multi-User Sessions

Project Type: Client work for iScape

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